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Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Pennsylvania District

Chapter Y - Liberty Wings

Harleysville  PA


    Pennsylvania Chapter Y is chartered with GWRRA, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association.  Since our area boasts of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, we call ourselves the “Liberty Wings”…and we are “the chapter that rides”.  Our main purposes are to develop friendships, gain more knowledge about motorcycling safety, support charities, and have fun together - riding, of course.  We go on group rides, planned and spur of the moment.  We communicate about rides through email, newsletter, website, and sometimes telephone.  The ride could be a scenic ride, a picnic ride, a charity ride, or to a place of interest.

    When we ride, there are rules and customs we follow - mostly to keep us safe and protected.  We ride in a staggered formation with the lead rider in the left track of the road and the rest of the bikes staggered between the left and right track.  There is always a Road Captain and a Tail Rider to watch the back.  We usually try to keep the rest of the group to a manageable number.  If there are more than a manageable number of bikes or trikes, we sometimes split into two groups.  Each will have a Road Captain and a Tail Rider.  Trikes and bikes are intermingled for maximum maneuverability.

    We communicate throughout the ride with CB radios.  We always use CB channel 1.  Not everyone will have a radio, and that is alright.  If you don’t have one, pay attention to turn signals and use hand signals as necessary.  If there is a hazard in the road, it will usually be called out on the CB - such as “pothole, left track”.  Pay attention to these callouts to avoid surprises.  For those without radios, a hand point or a foot point will serve the same function.

    We usually ride - give or take - an hour at a time, then stop for a rest, smoke, or bathroom break.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a bathroom stop if you need it.  It can be accommodated if there is a facility nearby.  We always try to start with full gas tanks and empty bladders.

    When we are on the highway, we try to keep a safe distance between ourselves and obey all speed and traffic laws.  There are times when a car or truck will pass and be forced to cut into the group.  It is better to let them in, rather than risk an accident.  We can work on combining the group as the ride progresses.  We do try to avoid the interstates unless time is a factor.  This means back roads and scenic vistas - oh boy!  If the road becomes narrow, we will switch to single file because it is safer and too hard to keep a staggered pattern on these roads.

    Generally, we will bring our own water and snacks for the ride.  If the ride is billed as a picnic ride, there are several options for food.  First, you are welcome to bring your own food - you may have special needs that you can best accommodate.  There is always a meeting place for the ride to start.  Sometimes this will be a convenience store where sandwiches, drinks, and snacks can be purchased.  If the meeting place has no food options, we will stop along the way, usually at a convenience store for food.  If the ride is billed as an Ice Cream ride, the object is to ride somewhere for Ice Cream.  It could be a short hop or a longer journey.  New Jersey for Ice Cream anyone?  There are times we go for lunch, or dinner, or special food - seafood, steak, and the like.  Our motto is no alcohol consumption while on a Y ride.  Again, you can bring snacks and water for breaks.  An Ice Cream stop is generally included on most rides.  The same guidelines apply for the longer rides, say Wing Ding, Rallies or visiting at another chapter event.

    The whole idea is to ride safely and have fun together.

Welcome to GWRRA, Pennsylvania District, Chapter PA-Y, Harleysville PA